A Not So Sweet Battle Wages Over a Term of Endearment

The Story of the Sourpeas
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April 3rd, 2006 3:00PM PST

Complete Resolution of Sweet Pea Lawsuit Reveals Power of the Internet

The Sourpeas, an ad-hoc organization of the 52 Sweet Pea defendants in the trademark lawsuit filed by Sweet Pea, Ltd. is happy to announce that
the case has been voluntarily dismissed by the plaintiff. In fact, the few settlement fees that were paid to the plaintiff's attorney early on have been returned to those defendants. For the many Sweet Pea defendants that settled recently at no cost, though details can't be revealed, we can definitely say that it was done in our favor and that it particularly addresses our key creative and legal issues.

We would like to take this opportunity to first thank the many people involved inside and outside the group for their support and aid in our defense. And, we'd like to congratulate the large group of Sourpeas who worked closely together within the unique Internet environment to create a successful resolution for everyone. 

We hope that that the long term impact of the Sourpeas fight will be to raise public awareness of the growing problem regarding the extent that trademark laws can be abused for gain and how their misuse can prohibit legitimate and legal creative expression. Trademark abuse as well as genuine trademark infringement are becoming key issues in the evolution of the Internet and should be of great concern to trademark holders and creative professionals alike.

For more information about the Sourpeas, stay in touch with the
www.sourpeas.org website. This site will soon evolve into an archive and function as a resource focusing on educating others on the issue of trademark abuse.

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